Creator Spotlight – JadedzUzi

Today’s Creator Spotlight is with JadedzUzi, a Twitch affiliate variety streamer based in the Windy City with an affinity for shooters, especially survival and horror games. She always brings the heat with great vibes and a positive attitude, which is what the internet needs more of! You can Follow her stream here, or on Twitter here

Tell us about your handle and its origin.

I created this gamertag on Xbox years before I found Twitch and thought it fit perfectly for what I wanted to represent. I wanted it to be unique and personal. My eyes are green and my favorite color (Jade) but I have been very hurt in the past so I try to be careful (Jaded).

I also wanted to incorporate strength, heritage & weaponry (Uzi, which is a weapon but also means strength in Hebrew, I am also Jewish). And that’s how I came up with JadedzUzi!

You treat the z like an ‘s so I’m Jaded but I’m also my strength. For example: Jaded’s Uzi

Where did the whole concept of weapons and #TheArmory come from?

Taking from my name Uzi meaning strength, but also meaning power, I came to the realization that WE ARE WEAPONS. We as human beings have the ability to strengthen or destroy with our words and actions. Words are like bullets, once shot they can’t be taken back. Some words can whiz by, leaving little to no damage. But some hit the target and leave a lasting scar.

I wanted a community where we can all grow and learn to be better, be responsible for our actions and think before we shoot. The Armory is a place to gather, rebuild and protect Weapons. In The Armory community no one is a follower, we are Weapons.

When did you start streaming, and what prompted you?

It was 2014 when I first found Twitch and for almost year I just watched before creating an account. The first stream I found was TimTheTatman, he was and still is hilarious! I was just enjoying my time being a viewer. We had a lot in common, I felt a connection in this weird new way. He was sending a message, a positive one.

He inspired me to share mine, he inspired me to become a streamer myself. I had experience in radio, I sing(even have an end of stream song), I loved video games and meeting new people.

I prepared for months getting everything ready before my first stream. I wanted to do this right. Just days before my birthday in 2015 I started my first stream and have been having a blast ever since!

Tell us more about yourself outside of the stream – what do you do when you’re not streaming?

Taking care of my home & family, binging on Netflix(I love movies too), working on stream things and playing video games with my awesome friends!

Have you always been a gamer, and what games do you enjoy most?

ALWAYS! I played my first video game on an Amiga computer, thanks dad! I had Ataris, Nintendos, PlayStations and XBoxs. I love story driven games like campaigns, where the character grows and triumphs even when you think all is lost. I appreciate a good underdog.

I also love survival games, fighting against the wild and winning. Finding a place to build, thrive and feel safe. I adore scary games! I love being scared, but it’s a safe scared because I’m in my home and often squeezing a plushie of some kind. Really gets my adrenaline going!

What’s your most memorable game of all time, and why?

That’s a very hard decision. I love so many games but if I had to choose one it would have to be Ark. Back in the day they used to have Ark: Survival of the Fittest, a BR mode with dinos! IT WAS AWESOME! The fans really want it back in full force. Also the standard play just being a survival build game. I can recall countless hours being spent with friends having the best time. We laughed, we cried, dinos died and so did we, we put so much time into that game it began to feel like a second home.

What do you normally play when offline, if anything?

I’ve been getting back into 7 Days to Die. So I’ll be spending a lot of time with that in the future.

I have also been playing RB6 & ESO offline as well.

We met when I was visiting the Chicago Twitch Meetup, that @iambrandon organizes. Aside from the impressively massive turnout, why is Chicago the best place for streamers to organize and grow?

1st of all Brandon is awesome & I love him! Chicago has so many streamers and gamers it’s insane! I was unaware of how many until the meetups started growing so quickly. The city has many venues which cater to gamers of all kinds! They even have huge LAN parties where you can bring your own setups! You just have to look and get connected.

What’s the one piece of advice that you take to heart, and repeat for all other aspiring broadcasters?

Talk like people are watching, even when no one is. NEVER REMAIN QUIET FOR TOO LONG! You might feel crazy, but if you can talk to yourself you can talk to anyone.

What’s the one trend on Twitch that you see impacting streamers big and small, or changing how all of us interact with the games we play?

Trolls and bullies. Sadly the new twitch TOS has only made them come out more, maybe because it’s more dangerous for them now? Sadly we can’t control others, but we can control the way we react to them.

How did you come across Woovit?

I met the amazing Quinn at a Twitch Chicago Meetup, then followed on twitter and signed up on the website very soon after!

How would you recommend other content creators like yourself use Woovit? Any advice?

When you sign up, be helpful! You have been given an opportunity and should respect it.

The awesome staff at Woovit are very responsive and if there are ever any problems just reach out, they will help you all they can!

Accept games you know you will enjoy, but it’s okay to step outside of your comfort zone sometimes. Just make sure to say this isn’t what I usually play but I wanted to try it because it looks cool.

Use Twitter to your advantage! Do research, follow devs and woovit on Twitter and include them when going live or making a video.

Make sure you complete your offers!

And last but certainly not least, SAY THANK YOU! You’re getting free games, not just because your a streamer or youtuber but because they’re looking to you to promote and give feedback on the game.

Thank YOU Jadedz for taking the time to tell us more about yourself! We look forward to seeing more of you online. Be sure to follow her over on Twitch here and Twitter here!

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