For publishers: Creator profile updates!

Creator profiles are updated with an Activity tab that shows all interactions with you, the publisher! Additionally, the new Stats tab includes visual analytics that displays Woovit delivery data: the amount of claimed offers, delivered content, and average delivery delay.

Creator profiles now have a tab bar

There are four tabs:

  • VIDEOS: All videos from connected channels will show up on this feed.
  • ACTIVITY: This feed will list all activities specific to the publisher and the creator. Woovit offers and deliveries, whitelist and blocklist notifications, and more can be seen here.
  • NOTES: Team members can share private notes here.
  • STATS: Look here for visual data showing the top Twitch categories streamed by the creator, the amount of claimed Woovit offers and deliveries, and the average delayed delivery rate.
Creator profiles now have a tab bar


This tab features any activity between the publisher and the creator, including Woovit offers and deliveries, whitelist and blocklist notifications, and note updates. This information is specific to the publisher and the creator, and there will be no feed here if there is no interaction history.


The STATS tab

The STATS tab contains two visual graphs showing data specific to the creator.

The top visual graph shows the top most-played categories for a Twitch creator from the last 90 days. If the creator does not use Twitch or doesn’t connect their Twitch channel to Woovit, no data will be available here.

The STATS tab

The DELIVERY STATS infographic

The DELIVERY STATS infographic is also available on the STATS tab. This visual graph reveals:

  • The total amount of claimed Woovit offers
  • The total amount of deliveries for Woovit offers
  • The average delivery delay (the period of time between claim and delivery)
The DELIVERY STATS infographic

Additional Creator profile features

Below are other features carried over that publishers can use:

Offers and blocklisting

  • The SEND AN OFFER button will allow you to send an offer to the creator for any of your active campaigns.
  • The BLOCKLIST USER button will add the creator to a list that doesn’t permit them to request keys for your campaigns.
Offers and blocklisting


You can multiple whitelists to cover various groups of creators. Any creator added to a whitelist is permitted to request keys for your campaigns, bypassing all requirements.


The NOTES tab

Team members can write notes that are viewable by others in the same organization. These notes are private and not viewable by the creators or others outside of the organization.

The NOTES tab

The VIDEOS tab

Here is a feed of all video content from the creator’s connected channels. Stats for individual videos can be seen here, including the average concurrent viewers, peak views, and the date.

Videos are automatically listed by most recent, but they can be filtered to show top views or older first. Additionally, videos can be filtered to show only Twitch or YouTube. The search will allow you to search the creator’s videos for keywords.

Note: The only Twitch content on this feed is video data captured while the Twitch channel is connected to Woovit. Any footage published while disconnected can not be captured due to API limitations.

The VIDEOS tab

If you have questions or feedback, reach out to us!

Woovit support is available on all business days. Contact us through our support chat or email [email protected].

This workflow was created with Tango.

Battening Down the Hatches: Revamped Woovit Qualifications for Creators

We’re starting to use Twitch Affiliate and imitate YouTube Partner minimums for creators to join Woovit. Any creator that does not yet meet those requirements is still able to join Woovit and get codes from a publisher via publisher whitelisting.

At our founding, Woovit had no minimum requirements for creators to join our platform. We believed then, and now, any “small” video creator can make an impact for publishers. We also believe in automating key distribution and video tracking as much as possible. Without more restrictions, this meant too many people trying to game the system to fraudulently get codes.

Two years ago we instituted minimum requirements for creators to join the platform. Most significantly: 250 Twitch followers or YouTube subscribers. We also required a host of supplementary statistics to make sure the followers and subscribers were real. Now we’re taking new steps to improve our process.

The move to adopt Twitch and YouTube vetting frees us to let those two massive platforms do the work for automated qualification and fraud detection. Their requirements are stricter than we’d like, but a sensible solution to an ongoing quagmire for our development. Publishers will have increased confidence that the codes they’re sending out — if fewer of them — will have a higher output of results. We think this will lead to more good quality offers on the platform.

Our whitelists feature will let publishers still engage with creators who don’t meet the higher platform minimums. Also, the minimum requirements set by pre-existing campaigns will continue to work as before.


Why did Woovit change its minimum requirements?

Twitch Affiliate and replicating YouTube Partner minimums free us to let those two massive platforms do the work for automated qualification and fraud detection. This will lead to more good quality offers on the platform.

What are the new minimum requirements for accepting offers through Twitch accounts?

To qualify for offers with a Twitch account, content creators need to be Twitch Affiliates.

What are the new minimum requirements for accepting offers through YouTube accounts?

These are Woovit’s new minimum requirements for claiming offers with a YouTube account:

  • At least 1,000 subscribers
  • At least 240,000 total public watch minutes in the last 12 months
  • 5 videos published over the last 90 days
  • Channel views are five times the total amount of subscribers

I meet the requirements, but I’m still not able to use Woovit. What should I do?

You can contact us at [email protected] or through our support chat in the lower right corner of this screen and we’ll review your account.

I don’t qualify yet for Woovit. How can I use it?

Whitelists will let publishers engage with creators who don’t meet Woovit’s minimum requirements. Publishers add creators to whitelists at their discretion.

How can I give keys to unqualified content creators through Woovit?

Publishers can still use Woovit to distribute game keys to unqualified content creators by using whitelists, which will bypass all the minimum requirements.

For additional assistance, contact us at [email protected] or through our support chat in the lower right corner of this screen.

How to Engage Any Creator with Whitelists

Our whitelists feature will let publishers engage with creators who don’t meet Woovit’s minimum qualifications. It will also allow trustworthy creators to bypass any campaign-specific requirements to ease key distribution. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to use whitelists:

  1. To begin, look for the “Whitelists” tab on the top navigation bar.
  1. Click the “+ New Whitelist” button to create a whitelist.
  1. Click the name of a whitelist or the “+ Add” button to add creators.
  1. You can add creators from Woovit, by email, or bulk upload. After you’ve confirmed who’s on the whitelist, you will need to add it to your campaigns.
  1. Creating or editing the campaign gives access to the “Whitelists” tab. Here you can add the whitelist to freely engage with creators on that list.

Publishers can request a demo of how to use whitelists by contacting us at [email protected] or through our support chat in the lower right corner of this screen.

New Proactive Custom Messaging Features

Woovit’s custom messaging has new features Publishers can use to personalize their offers to Creators. Take these steps to access custom messaging:

  • Step 1: Click on the Campaigns tab on the navigation bar
  • Step 2: Select the campaign you want to send offers of
  • Step 3: Click on the “Send Offers to Creators” button
  • Step 4: Search for and select the Creator(s) for the custom offer

Composing Custom Messages

Now you will have access to our custom messaging features! These new additions will allow you to:

  • Select the platform for the offer
  • Choose one of three expiration time periods for the offer: 7 days, 15 days, and 30 days
  • Write an optional subject line
  • Add a personalized message
For clear communication to Creators, there’s a preformatted standard notice that is not editable. This directs how a Creator can redeem game keys.
The deadline, optional subject, and personalized message will appear in the preview alongside the preformatted notice.

Now the customized offer is ready to send! The Creator will receive the message and the offer will be waiting for them in their Woovit profile.

Enjoy using these new features to improve reach and form relationships for your game campaigns! We’re always working to improve Woovit for you. We always welcome feedback and our support channels are always available if you have questions or concerns.

Woovit Update 12/3/2020: Paid Offers are No More

We’ve made three important changes on Woovit: removed paid offers, enabled publishers to mark campaigns as “Coming Soon”, and added view averages to your profiles.

Paid Offers Removed

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

We saw this feature was not being used often…and when used, not that well. Without an end-to-end system with standardized rules and escrowed payment, there was too much confusion for both creators and publishers. 

Any paid offer campaigns publishers have up are still intact, they’re displayed to creators as any other offer now. 

Ideally this will make doing sponsorships a little less confusing and let you focus on successfully making those deals outside of Woovit. Publishers can still indicate willingness to enter into the same sort of off-line deals in the description of their campaigns.

Getting paid for your work is important for a viable creator ecosystem. We’ll re-introduce a better paid offer system sometime in the future.  

Set a Campaign as “Coming Soon”

Game development is a fluid process and you can’t always commit to a date. In an effort to let you better manage those shifting timetables on your Interest Lists, we’ve added the option to simply set a game as “Coming Soon”.

Profiles Show View Averages

Woovit now lists a channel’s average view count for YouTube or concurrent viewers for Twitch. Our averages are time-limited and not the same as those provided by the platforms: we’ve added tooltips that explain how we determine them.

Standards in Sponsorship (or a Lack Thereof)

Photo by Bob Ghost on Unsplash

Publishers often ask us how best to approach sponsored content. Paying creators to cover your game is trickier than it sounds. Bottom line: how much to offer? For what results?

Continue reading “Standards in Sponsorship (or a Lack Thereof)”

Woovit Update 8/3/2020: Interest Lists

Until now publishers needed to have game codes for their offers to go live on Woovit. Marketing shouldn’t start when the game is published to the platform. We’re proud to be your partner for your game’s complete life cycle. Introducing Interest Lists (and a couple of other positive tweaks.)

Interest Lists

With a manual review campaign you can now choose whether your game is already released or coming soon. If you set it to coming soon, you then get to set a release date which will be shown to creators.

That leads into the next big change, which is that you can now create a manual review campaign without any codes attached to it. This means you can start gathering interest well before you’ve got codes available. Whitelist invites and sending offers still work with these campaigns, so you can reach out to your favourite creators right away.

General Campaign QoL Improvements

For manual review campaigns, you can now access your requests directly from the campaign itself. We’ve also added counters in the selection screen so you can see at a glance how many requests there are for your games.

You can also now add codes directly from your campaign page. This makes it easier than ever to manage your game’s stock of keys on Woovit.

Lastly, we’ve tweaked campaign creation to make it flow better. We’ve moved a few things around and gave whitelists, contact info, and notifications their own steps.

This will make your Woovit campaign experience more comprehensive and enjoyable. What do you want next? Let us know.

Important Notice Regarding Mixer’s Closure

Tomorrow we bid farewell to Mixer. We made an early effort to support the platform, even when it was Beam. We remain surprised and disappointed that creators will not have access to a platform many loved. The more platforms for creators, the better and we hope there will be meaningful options in the future. (We don’t have immediate plans to support Facebook Live Gaming. We’ve haven’t received much demand for it.)

Here’s how we’re handling this for Woovit’s flows:

For Creators:

There will no longer be the option to sign-in through Mixer. You’ll want to make sure you have another channel linked (either YouTube or Twitch) so you can continue to access Woovit.

Any Mixer history on your account will remain intact and you’ll still have access to any codes you got due to Mixer. Any content you make for them won’t be automatically delivered, unless you also qualified for those campaigns on YouTube or Twitch.

If you only qualified on Mixer, you’ll want to email the publishers of those campaigns to send them videos you produce elsewhere. When you do so please feel free to CC us at [email protected] so we see it and will reset your quota.

We’re keeping Mixer data on your profile to show publishers what you’ve built in the past as you try to rebuild for the future. Sometime down the road — perhaps next year — we may re-examine keeping this data and remove it as no longer relevant.

We’re sorry creators were left out to dry by Mixer’s sudden closure, and wish everyone the best to create new communities.

For Publishers

We’re removing the option to set Mixer qualifications on campaigns. Old ones with qualifications set will still have them enabled. We recommend turning that off on any active campaigns to prevent any requests that won’t be able to be automatically fulfilled on the intended platform.

We wish all our Mixer creators the best as they and their audiences move to other platforms.

Woovit Update 7/16/2020: Expanded Reports

Today we’ve released an expansion to our publisher reporting tab. There’s a number of new graphs and we’ve added the option to set a date range.

The new graphs cover:

  • Ratio of completed offers
  • Deliveries over time
  • Hours watched over time and overall
  • YouTube views over time
  • Twitch average and peak viewers

The performance graph is still there too and can now be downloaded as a PNG file. All the new graphs can be downloaded in the same way. If you’re just looking for raw numbers, there’s also the option to pull down the data as a CSV.

Beyond improving reports, we’ve further polished the activity feed. Now when you set a filter, it’s immediately applied. Deliveries on the feed also now show viewership numbers.

We hope these changes will provide the depth needed to really see how your game is doing. If there’s any other data you’d like in those reports, please let us know as we’d love to hear your feedback.