Woovit Update 12/3/2020: Paid Offers are No More

We’ve made three important changes on Woovit: removed paid offers, enabled publishers to mark campaigns as “Coming Soon”, and added view averages to your profiles.

Paid Offers Removed

Photo by Jp Valery on Unsplash

We saw this feature was not being used often…and when used, not that well. Without an end-to-end system with standardized rules and escrowed payment, there was too much confusion for both creators and publishers. 

Any paid offer campaigns publishers have up are still intact, they’re displayed to creators as any other offer now. 

Ideally this will make doing sponsorships a little less confusing and let you focus on successfully making those deals outside of Woovit. Publishers can still indicate willingness to enter into the same sort of off-line deals in the description of their campaigns.

Getting paid for your work is important for a viable creator ecosystem. We’ll re-introduce a better paid offer system sometime in the future.  

Set a Campaign as “Coming Soon”

Game development is a fluid process and you can’t always commit to a date. In an effort to let you better manage those shifting timetables on your Interest Lists, we’ve added the option to simply set a game as “Coming Soon”.

Profiles Show View Averages

Woovit now lists a channel’s average view count for YouTube or concurrent viewers for Twitch. Our averages are time-limited and not the same as those provided by the platforms: we’ve added tooltips that explain how we determine them.

Woovit Update 8/3/2020: Interest Lists

Until now publishers needed to have game codes for their offers to go live on Woovit. Marketing shouldn’t start when the game is published to the platform. We’re proud to be your partner for your game’s complete life cycle. Introducing Interest Lists (and a couple of other positive tweaks.)

Interest Lists

With a manual review campaign you can now choose whether your game is already released or coming soon. If you set it to coming soon, you then get to set a release date which will be shown to creators.

That leads into the next big change, which is that you can now create a manual review campaign without any codes attached to it. This means you can start gathering interest well before you’ve got codes available. Whitelist invites and sending offers still work with these campaigns, so you can reach out to your favourite creators right away.

General Campaign QoL Improvements

For manual review campaigns, you can now access your requests directly from the campaign itself. We’ve also added counters in the selection screen so you can see at a glance how many requests there are for your games.

You can also now add codes directly from your campaign page. This makes it easier than ever to manage your game’s stock of keys on Woovit.

Lastly, we’ve tweaked campaign creation to make it flow better. We’ve moved a few things around and gave whitelists, contact info, and notifications their own steps.

This will make your Woovit campaign experience more comprehensive and enjoyable. What do you want next? Let us know.