Woovit Update 7/9/2020: Publisher Side Improvements

This week we shipped three improvements for publishers: a campaign search bar, invoice downloads, and made some tweaks to whitelists.

Campaign Search Bar

Some of our publishers now have hundreds of campaigns, so reverse chronology wasn’t cutting it anymore. Search by campaign name! This returns campaigns and what state (e.g., drafted, active, etc.) they’re in.

Downloading Old Invoices

You never know when your accountant or the tax man might bug you for an old invoice. No more hunting through old emails. Download the PDF for any previous billing cycle from your Billing Page in Account Management.

Whitelist Improvements

Each creator’s page now shows you which of your whitelists they’re on and allows you to add them to another.

Furthermore, when you’re adding creators through our whitelist dialog, creators already on that list they won’t show up in the search. We wanted to avoid duplication, but let us know if this change in behavior is not what you were expecting.

Woovit Update 6/30/2020: New & Improved Activity Feed

We have made some significant improvements to the readability and usability of our publishers’ “Feed” of events, and a small improvement to our whitelists.

Feed Changes

  • Creator channel stats are now shown on hover.
  • Items are highlighted when you hover over them.
  • The separation of days is now less intrusive.
  • The color scheme is now unified.
  • The filters area is brightened up.
  • The background is now a pleasing blue gradient.

This new look should be less taxing to wade through, so you can get back to slinging codes sooner.

Notes added to a feed item regarding a creator will now also be posted to their profile.


Invitations to Woovit from adding someone to a whitelist are now more flexible. If you invite someone using an email address, they can sign-up to Woovit with a channel attached to a different email address and still be on your whitelist.

If you’re a publisher that would like a demo of these capabilities, let us know at [email protected] or our chat box in the lower right of this screen. We look forward to hearing from you.

Important New Functionality for Publishers: the Blocklist

Woovit has always tried to block creators we think are running scams, or that are too small to help your campaign. We take this very seriously — we’ve blocked over 10,000 accounts. This problem plagues the industry and is a big reason we started Woovit!

What if a qualified creator is just bad for you though? Someone that doesn’t give you fair reviews or incessantly bugs you. You still want to automate a campaign, but how do you stop that creator from getting code?

We’ve solved that: introducing the Blocklist. This is a publisher-specific list of creators that will be prohibited from getting codes from you, and limit interactions altogether. You can find it at the top of your screen as a publisher.

Unlike Whitelists, each publisher has only one Blocklist. Adding a creator to your blocklist means they:

  • Can’t see your campaigns
  • Can’t request codes from anyone in your organization
  • Will be automatically removed from any of your organization’s whitelists

When a creator has been blocked, but still finds a link elsewhere to a campaign, they will see this message.

When someone is blocked, you can add a note so your team members on Woovit know why they were blocked. However, any member of your organization may unblock. Blocklist activity will show up in the organization feed.

Perhaps I’m a little too hard on myself…

Publishers can block by:

  • Searching for the creator’s handle
  • In response to a video delivery
  • From their profile page.

Once blocklisted a creator won’t show up in your searches when whitelisting. You will also be unable to send them proactive offers. This means you don’t have to worry about any codes being sent by accident.

Woovit knows which creators are getting blocked by publishers. It’s helpful to everyone for us to know who is getting blocked. If we see many publishers individually blocking a creator, we will review and consider whether that channel should be blocked for everyone.

It’s your codes, your choice, we won’t lobby you to reverse a block. If you feel uncomfortable with us seeing who you’ve blocked we’ll consider building opt-out mechanisms so you can keep that private.

We hope this is a helpful step forward to automate and improve your outreach to creators!

Please send any feedback through our chat in the lower right of your screen, or to [email protected]

New Epic & Discord Store Support

Woovit now has native support for both Epic and Discord as key distribution platforms. Once selected, the

Given the growing number of platforms – sure to continue in coming years – we’ve also alphabetized the drop down list for publishers in the fifth campaign creation step.

Creators can filter the offers to see what is available by platform of course as well. We’re happy to have our first Discord offer up now, At Sundown from Versus Evil. In a few weeks a publisher will be offering an Epic-store exclusive on Woovit we think creators will enjoy.

As Epic & Discord continue to develop their platforms we’re looking forward to adding support for any APIs they open.

We will be supporting the Discord API as a authenticated account type for creators sometime in the next few months. We will also add Discord channel as something creators can add to their profile pages.

New Functionality: Notes for Publishers

We’re happy to introduce some obvious functionality for publishers: notes on the creators you’re working with. Notes you make are private to your publisher’s organization and are not seen by the public.

We’ve rolled this out now, just on the individual creator pages. We will roll it out elsewhere in publishers’ Woovit experience in January.

This should be handy for the individual user structure of Woovit now, but will really take off we believe when we roll out multiple users functionality for publishers in the first quarter of next year. 

Some Small Optimizations for the Creator Experience

Creators should have seen we’ve removed the pagination of offers. Instead we have an infinite scroll. This should make it a bit easier for everyone to see as many offers as possible without having to move the mouse around to find the next page button.

Our creator settings page is now we think easier to use, broken up into the profile information and a connected accounts page. We’ll continue to tweak that over time.

After featured spots, campaigns are now sorted by the number of videos delivered. This seems to us to be the best default view than recency (which is what we did for a long while) or the number of codes issued (which is what we did before this change.) The filters you set are then your default. See our dropdown menu, upper left, to change the options in addition to the checkboxes:

Sorting on Woovit

With these changes and options, the need for the Hide functionality seemed to drop substantially. Fewer and fewer of our creators were using it. Less than 5% of our creators have ever used it, and it was more often used when we had the sort order by recency. So we’ve decided to remove the Hide offer function.

Why not leave it in? First, we want to keep things simple and avoid feature creep. More importantly, because Woovit is dynamically calculating the individual eligibility for every campaign, removing this one calculation – though done right now 500 times per person, it also slightly speeds up the rendering of all campaigns. So we think this is a net benefit. If there are enough huge fans of hiding campaigns we’ll put it back in!


Manual Review for Publishers is Now a Premium Function

Woovit started off as a completely automated code distribution platform. We believed then and now, this is the best way to serve the interests of creators. It is best for publishers as well, but was a new way of doing business, which understandably generates caution. Some publishers requested the ability to review code requests, like they do offline or on another service.

We believed this would increase the number and diversity of offerings on Woovit, and it did. But it came at the cost of our core vision of automation which we want to get back to. We believed the requests they received, being already filtered from authenticated creators ultimately bound to deliver codes, could still work. It turns out many publishers choosing manual review were not taking any action on creator key requests. We think more skin of their game would help.

If publishers are not responsive to requests, creators will start making as many requests as they can since they’re not sure what they’ll get. Genuine requests are left hanging and no one wins.

So we’re making the capacity to manually review requests a part of our premium publisher tier, effective immediately. Continue reading “Manual Review for Publishers is Now a Premium Function”

New and Improved Woovit Premium – Now with Featured Offers

Today we’re introducing a major change to Woovit, featured posts.

The unfiltered, default view for a creator will be to see Featured Offers first. These come from publishers who have upgraded to our premium tier ($199/mo). They may choose one campaign to feature at any given time. They are designated with the yellow-orange outline.

After those offers, creators will see additional offers sorted by popularity, instead of recency.  Continue reading “New and Improved Woovit Premium – Now with Featured Offers”