Woovit Update 7/9/2020: Publisher Side Improvements

This week we shipped three improvements for publishers: a campaign search bar, invoice downloads, and made some tweaks to whitelists.

Campaign Search Bar

Some of our publishers now have hundreds of campaigns, so reverse chronology wasn’t cutting it anymore. Search by campaign name! This returns campaigns and what state (e.g., drafted, active, etc.) they’re in.

Downloading Old Invoices

You never know when your accountant or the tax man might bug you for an old invoice. No more hunting through old emails. Download the PDF for any previous billing cycle from your Billing Page in Account Management.

Whitelist Improvements

Each creator’s page now shows you which of your whitelists they’re on and allows you to add them to another.

Furthermore, when you’re adding creators through our whitelist dialog, creators already on that list they won’t show up in the search. We wanted to avoid duplication, but let us know if this change in behavior is not what you were expecting.