Woovit Update 7/16/2020: Expanded Reports

Today we’ve released an expansion to our publisher reporting tab. There’s a number of new graphs and we’ve added the option to set a date range.

The new graphs cover:

  • Ratio of completed offers
  • Deliveries over time
  • Hours watched over time and overall
  • YouTube views over time
  • Twitch average and peak viewers

The performance graph is still there too and can now be downloaded as a PNG file. All the new graphs can be downloaded in the same way. If you’re just looking for raw numbers, there’s also the option to pull down the data as a CSV.

Beyond improving reports, we’ve further polished the activity feed. Now when you set a filter, it’s immediately applied. Deliveries on the feed also now show viewership numbers.

We hope these changes will provide the depth needed to really see how your game is doing. If there’s any other data you’d like in those reports, please let us know as we’d love to hear your feedback.

Woovit Update 7/9/2020: Publisher Side Improvements

This week we shipped three improvements for publishers: a campaign search bar, invoice downloads, and made some tweaks to whitelists.

Campaign Search Bar

Some of our publishers now have hundreds of campaigns, so reverse chronology wasn’t cutting it anymore. Search by campaign name! This returns campaigns and what state (e.g., drafted, active, etc.) they’re in.

Downloading Old Invoices

You never know when your accountant or the tax man might bug you for an old invoice. No more hunting through old emails. Download the PDF for any previous billing cycle from your Billing Page in Account Management.

Whitelist Improvements

Each creator’s page now shows you which of your whitelists they’re on and allows you to add them to another.

Furthermore, when you’re adding creators through our whitelist dialog, creators already on that list they won’t show up in the search. We wanted to avoid duplication, but let us know if this change in behavior is not what you were expecting.

Woovit Update 6/30/2020: New & Improved Activity Feed

We have made some significant improvements to the readability and usability of our publishers’ “Feed” of events, and a small improvement to our whitelists.

Feed Changes

  • Creator channel stats are now shown on hover.
  • Items are highlighted when you hover over them.
  • The separation of days is now less intrusive.
  • The color scheme is now unified.
  • The filters area is brightened up.
  • The background is now a pleasing blue gradient.

This new look should be less taxing to wade through, so you can get back to slinging codes sooner.

Notes added to a feed item regarding a creator will now also be posted to their profile.


Invitations to Woovit from adding someone to a whitelist are now more flexible. If you invite someone using an email address, they can sign-up to Woovit with a channel attached to a different email address and still be on your whitelist.

If you’re a publisher that would like a demo of these capabilities, let us know at [email protected] or our chat box in the lower right of this screen. We look forward to hearing from you.