Important New Functionality for Publishers: the Blocklist

Woovit has always tried to block creators we think are running scams, or that are too small to help your campaign. We take this very seriously — we’ve blocked over 10,000 accounts. This problem plagues the industry and is a big reason we started Woovit!

What if a qualified creator is just bad for you though? Someone that doesn’t give you fair reviews or incessantly bugs you. You still want to automate a campaign, but how do you stop that creator from getting code?

We’ve solved that: introducing the Blocklist. This is a publisher-specific list of creators that will be prohibited from getting codes from you, and limit interactions altogether. You can find it at the top of your screen as a publisher.

Unlike Whitelists, each publisher has only one Blocklist. Adding a creator to your blocklist means they:

  • Can’t see your campaigns
  • Can’t request codes from anyone in your organization
  • Will be automatically removed from any of your organization’s whitelists

When a creator has been blocked, but still finds a link elsewhere to a campaign, they will see this message.

When someone is blocked, you can add a note so your team members on Woovit know why they were blocked. However, any member of your organization may unblock. Blocklist activity will show up in the organization feed.

Perhaps I’m a little too hard on myself…

Publishers can block by:

  • Searching for the creator’s handle
  • In response to a video delivery
  • From their profile page.

Once blocklisted a creator won’t show up in your searches when whitelisting. You will also be unable to send them proactive offers. This means you don’t have to worry about any codes being sent by accident.

Woovit knows which creators are getting blocked by publishers. It’s helpful to everyone for us to know who is getting blocked. If we see many publishers individually blocking a creator, we will review and consider whether that channel should be blocked for everyone.

It’s your codes, your choice, we won’t lobby you to reverse a block. If you feel uncomfortable with us seeing who you’ve blocked we’ll consider building opt-out mechanisms so you can keep that private.

We hope this is a helpful step forward to automate and improve your outreach to creators!

Please send any feedback through our chat in the lower right of your screen, or to [email protected]