Important Notice Regarding Mixer’s Closure

Tomorrow we bid farewell to Mixer. We made an early effort to support the platform, even when it was Beam. We remain surprised and disappointed that creators will not have access to a platform many loved. The more platforms for creators, the better and we hope there will be meaningful options in the future. (We don’t have immediate plans to support Facebook Live Gaming. We’ve haven’t received much demand for it.)

Here’s how we’re handling this for Woovit’s flows:

For Creators:

There will no longer be the option to sign-in through Mixer. You’ll want to make sure you have another channel linked (either YouTube or Twitch) so you can continue to access Woovit.

Any Mixer history on your account will remain intact and you’ll still have access to any codes you got due to Mixer. Any content you make for them won’t be automatically delivered, unless you also qualified for those campaigns on YouTube or Twitch.

If you only qualified on Mixer, you’ll want to email the publishers of those campaigns to send them videos you produce elsewhere. When you do so please feel free to CC us at [email protected] so we see it and will reset your quota.

We’re keeping Mixer data on your profile to show publishers what you’ve built in the past as you try to rebuild for the future. Sometime down the road — perhaps next year — we may re-examine keeping this data and remove it as no longer relevant.

We’re sorry creators were left out to dry by Mixer’s sudden closure, and wish everyone the best to create new communities.

For Publishers

We’re removing the option to set Mixer qualifications on campaigns. Old ones with qualifications set will still have them enabled. We recommend turning that off on any active campaigns to prevent any requests that won’t be able to be automatically fulfilled on the intended platform.

We wish all our Mixer creators the best as they and their audiences move to other platforms.