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Here at Woovit we appreciate our creators and want to shine the spotlight on as many of them as we can. We’ve been doing this for a while in our weekly newsletter, calling out two videos a week of standout and upcoming creators. Now that we have a blog, we want to continue this by posting frequent creator interviews.

We’ll use this opportunity to help you get to know a bit about them, what their creator journey has been like, their thoughts on Woovit and any advice they might have for others. Up first we have a Mixer streamer who goes by the handle, PieRatKing.



PieRatKing - 1

What’s your handle and what does it mean? What’s the origin?:

PieRatKing has been my handle since I first signed onto my Xbox 360 about 12 years ago, it stems from a group of friends I had in the Army while stationed in Germany. We called ourselves the Land Locked PieRats because we were badass punk kids who chose to stay away from the Navy. I just adopted it as my own moniker proclaiming myself king in the process after my time in [the Army] was completed.

How long have you been creating content? What is your primary platform now?

As a streamer I have been creating content for a year and a half now. I started streaming on Mixer (then called Beam) last March after lurking around the site for a few months as a viewer. I haven’t looked back.

What’s it like to be a Mixer partner?

Becoming a Mixer partner was a huge feeling of accomplishment, the platform showed it’s support in what I do and I am greatly appreciative but I also know that was never my end goal. I strive to improve constantly, bring fresh ideas, and represent the platform to the best of my ability. I have faith in Mixer, and the community as a whole that we will continue to grow and push the limits of streaming and content creation.

PieRatKing - PUBG

What genre of games do you mostly play? Do you have a favorite that you play off-stream and not for your audience?

Overall I am a variety streamer, I will play almost anything under the sun, but I tend to lean towards shooters since they offer a sense of adrenaline rush with the high levels of action and tension. I have streamed it before but I really enjoy playing Witcher 3 off stream. I love the depth of the story and get really sucked in so I have chosen to keep it for off stream play since it lowers my interaction with chat.

How did you find Woovit?

Another streamer whom I have come to be good friends with introduced me to Woovit when we were talking about PR companies that assist streamers with games to try out, play and stream. So I hopped on Woovit, signed in with my Mixer credentials and was given a list of games I qualify for, and honestly I love it because certain games I want to play are behind walls that give me extra goals to work toward.

PieRatKing - Holdfast: Nations at War

What is the best game you’ve discovered through Woovit?

Honestly, Holdfast: Nations at War. I have always joked I would love to have a FPS that was based around the time of muskets, it would slow down combat and make it more about precision and tactics than weapon type. Plus I love that aspect of role playing, you can play as an infantryman, a sailor, a ship captain, an army officer, shoot you can even play as a fife, drummer or violinist.

Any piece of advice or knowledge bomb you would like to drop for your fellow creators?

Do not be afraid to watch yourself, see if you find yourself interesting to watch, and figure out what you can do differently. It sounds like a dead horse that has been beaten over and over again but, Success isn’t instantaneous, it takes a desire, commitment and lots of work. But most of all, HAVE FUN!


Big thanks to PieRatKing for being our first Creator Interview. He’s been a good sport. You can find him on Mixer at, on Twitter at, and on Discord at .

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