Introducing Campaigns with Manual Review

Publishers now have a choice of methods of code distribution: Automated (the way we’ve always done it at Woovit) or Manual Review. Publishers make this choice on the second screen of campaign creation.

Manual Review on Woovit


Publishers using the Manual Review option will still set qualification criteria as before, only now a qualified applicant must be…you guessed it…manually reviewed and approved or passed on by the publisher. Publishers will get a daily email of all the requests they have, and will see the active number of requests front and center (“Requests”, with the white-on-blue number of requests to sort.)

From the Requests tab, the handle and account information of the creators are summarized. In this case, one of our developer’s test accounts has made a request for Angry Birds Space (not actually on Woovit right now – these are images from our test server).


Manual Review step 2


They can click directly on the linked accounts to review them, or on the creator name to see their profile and search their work at


Manual Review search step


Publishers should be able to quickly make judgments about whether or not the creator should get a code. This test account isn’t too promising but, hey just in case maybe one of the videos was about Angry Birds and it was really good. In this case, no, he hasn’t. Probably a request to pass on.


Manual Review post search



In the future, we will have more information on this page about any historic relationship between publisher and creator. One of our top development priorities in the next few months will be to improve the search appearance, both harmonizing with the Woovit marketplace look & feel and to include more of the data from other channels creators are linking. Publishers then approve or pass on the request, and the creator gets an email notification about the decision. Important for creators: though you will also see whether you’ve been accepted or denied in Woovit, if you want to get these emails…well, we need your email. Please be sure you’ve updated it in your account settings! Note that we do not give your emails to publishers (or anyone else), unless you choose to make it public by un-checking the box in your account settings page.


Passed email

Manual Review accepted email


All in all, this process should substantially automate the authentication and research process without automating the code distribution itself. While our preference would be for complete automation to speed the cycle of delivery and ease of use, we thought it would be better to develop functionality that will bring more games onto Woovit. We expect publishers will be very responsive to requests. After all, unlike some other options for code distribution out there, these codes are actually on the platform looking for good homes.

Accordingly, we’ve introduced (and tweaked) the languages on the offer cards in the creator portals, there are now four types:


Manual Review Creator Choices

GET IT NOW: This is what you see if you’re Qualified (our previous term), and can accept the offer instantly.

MORE INFO: Sorry, you haven’t qualified but can see why on the fuller offer page.

APPLY: This is when you’ve qualified for the offer, but the publisher is still Manually Reviewing all the requests.

I’M INTERESTED: This is our paid offer indicator.

If you have been offered a code after the manual review, the card will appear as normal in the Accepted campaign tab. If you’ve been passed on, the offer will be automatically moved to your Archived tab.

We believe the rate of acceptance will be extremely high, and hopefully this option will not only increase the availability of games, but the filter requirements will be lower, enabling more creators to get codes since publishers will still have an easy-to-research final say in the code distribution.

This new functionality is, like most things at Woovit, free for publishers to use.

We are always looking for feedback, and hope this new option will increase comfort levels of publishers to come onto Woovit and bring you more games. If there is anything you’d suggest we change, please email us at hello at Woovit dot-you-know-what. Thanks!








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