New and Improved Woovit Premium

Today we’re introducing a major change to Woovit, featured posts.

The unfiltered, default view for a creator will be to see Featured Offers first. These come from publishers who have upgraded to our premium tier ($199/mo.) They may choose one campaign to feature at any given time. They are designated with the yellow-orange outline.

After that those offers, creators will see orders sorted by popularity, instead of recency.

The new view will look something like this:

New September 2018 Offer Layout

Woovit wants to have an open and automated system of getting as many games into the hands of as many creators as possible. We’re delighted how many small offers are coming on the platform.

A few problems have emerged with this.

First is that the quality level on Woovit varies widely. To be charitable, more widely than we anticipated, but hey, your crap might be someone else’s gold.  We want to avoid judgments about what should go on top, but popularity is a good filter so creators are more likely to see good games.

Even if the game is good, is the publisher engaged with the community? By giving priority to one campaign from a publisher who has chosen to pay Woovit, it is a further sign of not just quality from the publisher (they’ve got some money to support the game) but also engagement (they’ve got skin in the game, a sign they’ll build relationships with creators.)

Woovit will be building out many premium features for publishers as we grow. But to grow, we also need to keep the (servers’) lights on. The price of $199/mo is a fraction of the cost a publisher would spend to reach creators through other means and shows they are serious.

Publishers don’t have to pay — but they will have to do more marketing instead of relying on Woovit to market for them, or just enjoying being at the top of the list for a few days. We are happy to retweet/socialize anything a publisher does to promote their Woovit campaign.

We are confident this change will serve the needs of all the stakeholders in Woovit, and look forward to your feedback.

There is another major change we will be shipping shortly that should also improve everyone’s experience and we’ll be announcing that soon.

Steam’s New Privacy Policy & Woovit Qualifications

A large number of campaigns on Woovit require creators to have linked their Steam accounts. There are two main reasons for this:

1. Prevent someone from taking a code to a game they already own

2. See the number of hours played of a game on Steam. This is usually done on Woovit to see if the player should be given downloadable content for that game.

Continue reading “Steam’s New Privacy Policy & Woovit Qualifications”

New Creator Minimums or “Новые требования к создателям”

Woovit was slammed today from fraudulent signups. A bot farm in one country apparently got some time off from mucking around in elections and wanted to play games. Putting geolocation restrictions wasn’t enough to stop it. For a while, it was over one a second, putting quite a strain on our resources. All this to try to get a key from the one offer that had no requirements — even though that offer manually reviewed all requests! Some of these “creators” then abused our email and online help system. It has led us to re-examine some of our assumptions and workflow to still provide good human service on top of our automation. Continue reading “New Creator Minimums or “Новые требования к создателям””

Improved Campaign Creation for Publishers – Steam Asset Uploads & Misc

When a publisher uploads a new campaign to Woovit, they’re given the option of searching Steam to pre-populate game information. This previously included title, description, and cover image. Now our default upload will upload all of the assets from Steam. You have the option of deleting any while drafting the campaign, or adding additional assets not on Steam. See for example, our latest campaign for Nantucket: Continue reading “Improved Campaign Creation for Publishers – Steam Asset Uploads & Misc”

Happy Holidays from Woovit!

We’ll be giving updates on this blog in 2018 on our product updates and the industry we’re in. Our response time to emails will be slower than normal til we resume a regular schedule on January 3rd. Fortunately since we’ve automated the process of getting keys to great video creators hopefully you won’t notice a difference. Happy New Year!