Woovit’s New Publisher Pricing

Woovit will turn four years old in a couple of months. We started as a search engine, but what good is that if you can’t send codes to the channels you find? So we have grown for the last three years with an open “library” of offers that creators could automatically qualify for and deliver videos against would generate ever-stronger network effects which would attract ever-larger players on both sides.

We now have nearly one thousand publishers and fifteen thousand creators. The growth has been very satisfying, but a double-edged sword. It costs a lot to maintain this network, and we’re not getting the bigger budget games we know creators want to help growth their channels. What good is the library if there is little you want to play…or the library can’t afford to stay open?

Most of our help requests are coming from the lowest quality offers and smallest channels. This often creates help issues we can’t solve. This is frustrating for everyone, and expensive for us. We continuously have taken steps to restrict newer, lower quality, and possibly (or obviously!) fraudulent creators. Now it’s time to do this on the publishers’ side of our platform.

We have to start charging publishers for more of the value Woovit delivers to them, and these changes are effective today.

By restricting some of Woovit’s facilities to only publishers willing to pay $59 or $199/mo we hope we can ease this burden and stay focused on providing high value connections that will promote great games and help channels grow.

A new publisher on Woovit is still free to use our services to create one campaign. They can use all of our distribution and tracking tools – embed the campaign on their website, use a shorten URL to market the campaign and track videos. Publishers can see all of our pricing tiers here. (It is also on the main non logged in page.)

This likely means fewer offers on our library for creators to sort through, but a better experience for everyone when they find one.

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