Manual Review for Publishers is Now a Premium Function

Woovit started off as a completely automated code distribution platform. We believed then and now, this is the best way to serve the interests of creators. It is best for publishers as well, but was a new way of doing business, which understandably generates caution. Some publishers requested the ability to review code requests, like they do offline or on another service.

We believed this would increase the number and diversity of offerings on Woovit, and it did. But it came at the cost of our core vision of automation which we want to get back to. We believed the requests they received, being already filtered from authenticated creators ultimately bound to deliver codes, could still work. It turns out many publishers choosing manual review were not taking any action on creator key requests. We think more skin of their game would help.

If publishers are not responsive to requests, creators will start making as many requests as they can since they’re not sure what they’ll get. Genuine requests are left hanging and no one wins.

So we’re making the capacity to manually review requests a part of our premium publisher tier, effective immediately. A publisher who has a credit card getting charged each month is more likely to pay attention to the requests. We are also considering implementing a time limit for premium publishers to respond to the requests that are made.

Existing campaigns on the free tier structured with manual review will have until October 15th to accept or reject requests. Requests not acted on will be rejected. They will remain live and grandfathered in under the free publisher tier.



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