Some Small Optimizations for the Creator Experience

Creators should have seen we’ve removed the pagination of offers. Instead we have an infinite scroll. This should make it a bit easier for everyone to see as many offers as possible without having to move the mouse around to find the next page button.

Our creator settings page is now we think easier to use, broken up into the profile information and a connected accounts page. We’ll continue to tweak that over time.

After featured spots, campaigns are now sorted by the number of videos delivered. This seems to us to be the best default view than recency (which is what we did for a long while) or the number of codes issued (which is what we did before this change.) The filters you set are then your default. See our dropdown menu, upper left, to change the options in addition to the checkboxes:

Sorting on Woovit

With these changes and options, the need for the Hide functionality seemed to drop substantially. Fewer and fewer of our creators were using it. Less than 5% of our creators have ever used it, and it was more often used when we had the sort order by recency. So we’ve decided to remove the Hide offer function.

Why not leave it in? First, we want to keep things simple and avoid feature creep. More importantly, because Woovit is dynamically calculating the individual eligibility for every campaign, removing this one calculation – though done right now 500 times per person, it also slightly speeds up the rendering of all campaigns. So we think this is a net benefit. If there are enough huge fans of hiding campaigns we’ll put it back in!


3 thoughts on “Some Small Optimizations for the Creator Experience”

  1. Yeah, I really liked some changes to the platform, but I really miss the Hide feature. It was a little weird (like I couldn’t even visit the profile for a hidden game, so I had to unhide it to visit it), but generally it was a nice way to keep it clean of stuff that would never fit my channel for several reasons. Right now, if I ever get to a significant milestone (like 1000 subscribers), I’d probably have to review all the offers to find “newly available offers” next to others that were already available with a lower sub number, so I’d be a mess for me.

    1. Thanks; totally get that, if our filters don’t keep improving to give you a good experience, and that show new doesn’t work for you let us know again in a month or two. Thanks!

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