New Creator Minimums or “Новые требования к создателям”

Woovit was slammed today from fraudulent signups. A bot farm in one country apparently got some time off from mucking around in elections and wanted to play games. Putting geolocation restrictions wasn’t enough to stop it. For a while, it was over one a second, putting quite a strain on our resources. All this to try to get a key from the one offer that had no requirements — even though that offer manually reviewed all requests! Some of these “creators” then abused our email and online help system. It has led us to re-examine some of our assumptions and workflow to still provide good human service on top of our automation.

Starting Woovit, we wanted to open the service to all creators, regardless of size of channel, and enable them to get codes quickly. Small channels are of course usually not fraudulent. But nearly all fraudulent channels have been (very) small. They have been very difficult to filter and service for our startup team. Furthermore, all small but serious channels pretty quickly become larger channels. There are very few offers on Woovit that have smaller requirements than this, so the net effect of getting codes should should be negligible. We also want to represent an accurate number of good creators to publishers making a decision to come onto the platform.

Going forward we’re setting new sign up minimums. You must have 100 followers on the channel you sign up with, and we’re adding additional checks to make sure those followers are real. Under that level, you’ll be flagged for review and unable to take any codes. This will give the Woovit team more time to reach out to publishers to get high quality games on the platform, and manually review more closely the channels over that size for quality, so publishers feel more comfortable lowering their minimums, and everyone wins. Thank you for understanding (Спасибо за понимание)!

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