Improved Campaign Creation for Publishers – Steam Asset Uploads & Misc

When a publisher uploads a new campaign to Woovit, they’re given the option of searching Steam to pre-populate game information. This previously included title, description, and cover image. Now our default upload will upload all of the assets from Steam. You have the option of deleting any while drafting the campaign, or adding additional assets not on Steam. See for example, our latest campaign for Nantucket:

View of New Steam Asset display

  • We’ve removed the appearance of a vertical scroll from the assets.
  • Publishers can save their campaign from any of the campaign creation steps, instead of just the final screen.
  • Exporting CSVs should now be improved, including an indication that the download is happening for large files.
  • Links to the Steam store page will soon be pushed to production, and appear at the bottom of the description of the game.
  • We’re upgrading React for a smoother experience.

Our top development priority now is building the option to manually review code requests, whitelists, and blacklists. What else would you like to see? Let me know at rich at woovit dot com.

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