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We’re going to be posting a series of FAQ and How-To articles here on the blog to help clarify some of the common questions that we’ve been receiving to our email inbox. Starting today we’d like to address a few common questions that come up about Woovit Game Campaigns. 



First up, game campaigns on Woovit are created and controlled by their respective developers or publishers and not WoovitWoovit staff promotes the use of the platform and provides a bit of guidance when it comes to the qualifications they set.

Campaigns are only show to you as “Available” if they actually have keys up to be distributed. This also explains why sometimes you’ll see campaigns disappear and reappear from the list. We do this so there is no question for creators whether or not they can get access to a game.

With these things in mind we’re going to go over a few elements of a campaign that you’ll see on Woovit.


Contact Info

On the campaign page you will find the contact info for the publisher or developer who put the campaign up. For any issues specific to game keys or issues with the game please use the contact info listed on the page. For issues related to our crawlers picking up your videos please continue to email [email protected].



Sometimes a publisher/developer may put up a campaign before a game comes out in order to give creators time to become familiar with the game and produce content and in doing so set an embargo. They will also often set an embargo so that no one creator has a “first access” content advantage over the others or simply to align with other marketing efforts.

Embargoes are displayed in two different ways. First when a creator accepts a key there will be a popup modal that contains additional information and generally includes the embargo times. Secondly, on the right hand side of the page you’ll see a box that contains the embargo information. Please note that at this time the embargo date/time is displayed in the listed Timezone and you’ll have to do your own conversion to local time. We highly suggest the awesome Everytimezone.



Obviously the most relevant information for the creator is whether or not they qualify for the game the campaign is for. The qualifications are also listed on the right side of the page under “How to Qualify”. We won’t go into full detail all of the different filters in this post as there will be a post specifically about them later this week.

Most important thing to look for, if you don’t qualify, are the red ‘X’s. These will be next to the qualifications that your channel(s) don’t quite meet. These should be used as a goal for creators to shoot for if they want to later qualify for the game.


Product Site

On the bottom of the page for each campaign you’ll see a grey button labeled “Visit Product Site”. This will generally link to either the website specifically for the game or to the store page for it (Steam, Google Play, etc). This is useful for creators to double check that this game is indeed a good fit for their channel(s) and that they are able to run it. Store pages and product websites generally list hardware requirements and whether or not special peripherals are required. This is especially useful in the case of VR games as they don’t always support all leading headsets.


Game Code and Video Delivery

Once a creator has accepted a game key the campaign moves into their “Accepted” section and the layout of the page changes a bit. Added to the right side of the page is a “Codes” section and a small section on how to deliver a video for the campaign.

Generally if you’re streaming live you can simply select the game name shown on Twitch or Mixer and our crawlers can identify the game stream. For YouTube (and it doesn’t hurt to have it for your streams either) creators have to put the name of the game in the title of video.


Those are the major pieces of a Woovit game campaign that have generated questions. Obviously other elements are present such as screenshots, videos, description, game name, etc. but all of those are straight forward.

We hope this has cleared up some questions you might have had. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] with any questions not covered here and look forward to more FAQ and How To content being put up soon.

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