Woovit Qualifications & Filters

Continuing our series of FAQ and How-To articles, we’re going to go over all the campaign qualifications you’ll encounter on Woovit. We’ve received a number of questions to [email protected] about them and we’d like to post a reference for everybody.



First thing to know is that qualifications on Woovit are split up into two groups. The first group are “required qualifications”, which means that your account must match or surpass all of these in order to qualify. The second group are “or qualifications”, which means your account need only match one of these to qualify. If a campaign utilizes both, then you must meet all required filters and one of the platform filters.



Additionally, a quick reminder that although we provide some guidance on qualifications they are ultimately set by the developers/publishers.

With these things in mind we’re going to go over each of the qualifications that you’ll encounter on Woovit.



Starting at the top of the list with “required qualifications” you’ll see filters that check your Steam account. These filters comes in two flavors. The first filter is on by default for every new campaign and it verifies that you don’t already own the game.

The second filter is most useful for DLC or in-game item campaigns and verifies that you have a set amount of hours in a game before you can qualify for the campaign. This can be seen in the recent Mayhem Crate campaign for H1Z1.



It’s important to note that if you don’t link your Steam account to your Woovit account you will automatically fail these checks for any campaign that uses them.


Woovit Videos

The publishers and developers may also choose to set a filter based on the number of videos delivered using the Woovit platform. This is essentially a measure of how active a creator is on Woovit. In order to qualify you have to have delivered the stated number of videos on Woovit previously (At this time we don’t support marked content prior to signup as deliveries for campaigns on Woovit). For creators wanting to get into the Woovit ecosystem it won’t be tough, as at the time of writing this post Woovit has over 230 game campaigns.




The last of the “required qualifications” filter checks how many followers you have on Twitter. When a game is launching the developers and publishers are hoping that not only will you produce video content but you’ll spread it on social media and get signal boosted by your followers. There is also the option for them to require that you are “verified” on Twitter but this filter likely won’t be used often for game campaigns targeting video content creators.




The first of the “or qualifications” are associated with the YouTube platform. Again, these filters act as an “or” and you only have to meet the qualifications for one of the listed platforms. For YouTube the first filter available is “Average views count” which refers to the average video views your channel has received (per video not overall channel views) for videos posted in the last 6 months.

The other filter is “Minimum subscribers count” which is exactly what you think it is, the number of subscribers your channel has. A special note here as there has been a trend of some creators setting their subscriber count to hidden, this also hides the count through the API and Woovit will see this as 0 subscribers. There is nothing we can do about this and you will be blocked from qualifying for campaigns that use this filter.




Continuing on to the filters associated with Twitch and you’ll find them very similar with slightly different language. First is the “Average views count” and this refers to your average concurrent viewership per stream.

There are a few caveats here. Woovit only starts to crawl your livestreams after you sign up which means that your average views count isn’t accurate, we supplement this by taking your VOD views for the last 6 months. Additionally, Woovit’s Twitch crawler may produce slightly different numbers than other sites as each analytics site must build their own crawlers and decide at which interval to poll the Twitch API. After a month or two, the number on Woovit should very closely reflect your dashboard and other sites due to averaging out over time.

Again, the other filter “Minimum followers count” matches against your current follower count on Twitch. This is pretty straight forward and shouldn’t pose any issues.

Last for Twitch is the ability for publishers and developer to offer a key to any Twitch Partner regardless of the two previous filters. That is to say that if you’re a Twitch Partner this filter overrides the view count and follower count filters and qualifies you for a key.




The last platform based filters are based off of your Mixer account. You’ll find the same two filters here that apply to Twitch and YouTube. The first filter “Average views count” does come with the caveat that at the moment Woovit does not get the live viewer count data and it is based off of the VOD views. The Woovit developers are looking into updating the crawler to get the live data and the Woovit staff will make an announcement when the work is complete. Mixer qualifications also offer the “Minimum followers count” filter which is based on the amount of followers your Mixer channel has.



That’s all of the current filters offered by the Woovit platform for publishers and developers to utilize when setting up a game campaign today. Though as new ways of filtering come up or make sense for certain use cases this list may expand.

We hope this cleared up some questions you might have. Look forward to more FAQ and How To content being posted soon.


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